Sonwabile Bursary

Valley Sonwabile/Bright Start Bursary

Valley Pre-Primary is committed to providing a positive learning experience not only to those children who can afford it but also to those from a less privileged background. Valley’s bursary programme “Sonwabile” (meaning ‘we are happy’) aims to reach out to the larger Hout Bay Community and through this programme we strive to reflect the wonderful multi-cultural society that is Hout Bay.

Valley Pre-Primary has partnered with The Bright Start Organization who screen applicants on our behalf, administer the bursary programme and provide a wonderful support programme for the families concerned.

Valley Sonwabile Programme

Many children from disadvantaged backgrounds who enrol at our school require some supportive educational therapy e.g. Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Play Therapy, Language Enrichment to assist them in attaining the full benefit of the educational curriculum and to be ready, when they leave Valley, to face the challenges of formal schooling in Gr 1.

Recognizing that these therapies are expensive and beyond the financial means of most of their parents, Valley Pre-Primary set up the Sonwabile Fund to assist them in paying for the necessary therapy as well as things such as Eye and Hearing screenings, educational outings, stationery. To this end, a percentage of all monies raised through our various fundraising events is set aside for the Sonwabile Fund.

Download our Applicant Bursary Information form here.  Bursaries are now closed for 2020.