Welcome to Valley Pre-Primary

Valley Pre-Primary is an independent school, registered by the Education Department. It offers an up-to-date school readiness programme, which also incorporates some ideas of Rudolph Steiner and Maria Montessori. Our staff of eight teachers are highly qualified and brings a variety of specialised qualifications to supplement the programme. They are supported by eight teaching assistants. The Governing Body (elected annually) liaises with its staff, parents and community to manage and administer the school. We aim to achieve excellence in education. Valley also offers an excellent aftercare facility. The programme is run by an experienced teacher and Teaching assistants.

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Valley Pre-Primary Open Day will give you the chance to meet our dedicated staff and take a tour through our […]

“Friendships forged amongst parents at Valley social evenings have often long outlasted the friendships between their children”. This annual fundraiser […]

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Our school is committed to providing a positive learning environment which recognises the uniqueness of all children and enables them to realise their full academic, moral, physical and social potential, thereby producing happy, confident children equipped to take their rightful place in society as well balanced, responsible and independent adults.