Valley Pre-Primary

Valley Pre-Primary

Who is Valley Pre-Primary?

Valley Pre-Primary was founded in 1968 by a group of enthusiastic parents. Set amidst trees and well-established gardens, the school is across the road from Kronendal Primary and only minutes from the Hout Bay beach and shopping centres..The school’s peaceful and well-secured grounds, together with our team of dedicated teachers, provides a safe and caring learning environment for its ±150 learners.

Valley Pre-Primary is an independent school, registered by the Education Department. It offers an up-to-date school readiness programme, which also incorporates some ideas of Rudolph Steiner and Maria Montessori. Our staff of eight teachers are highly qualified and brings a variety of specialised qualifications to supplement the programme. They are supported by eight teaching assistants. The Governing Body (elected annually) liaises with its staff, parents and community to manage and administer the school. We aim to achieve excellence in education. Valley also offers an excellent aftercare facility. The programme is run by an experienced teacher and Teaching assistants.

Valley Pre-Primary provides the perfect grounding for young learners as they prepare for the step-up to Grade 1. It is also the official feeder school for the renowned KRONENDAL PRIMARY SCHOOL.

Learners are encouraged to:

  • Develop self-motivation, self-confidence & positive self-esteem
  • Develop acceptable social skills
  • Learn self-discipline & a sense of responsibility
  • Acknowledge & take pride in performance
  • Solve own problems creatively & make own decisions

Our philosophy is:

  • Based upon positivity.
  • To educate children toward independence, self-sufficiency and maturity.
  • To build children’s belief in themselves by encouraging them to make their own decisions and by teaching them to solve their own problems creatively.
  • To recognise children as individuals with differing needs and capabilities.
  • To develop a curriculum that reflects the specific needs of the individual.
  • To develop an interest in learning in our children.
  • Not only to educate children for the time they are with us – but to educate them for life!

How we cater for Grade R and pre-Grade R children

Young children get ready for formal learning and life through play. At Valley we cater for a two or three year programme, i.e. Grade R (5 – 6 years old) and Pre-Grade R (3½ – 5 years old).

The difference between the two programmes is as follows:

Grade R is the first year of the foundation phase (Grade R to Grade 3) and follows the National Curriculum. This is a child centred curriculum and focuses on Home language, Mathematics and Life Skills. In dealing with the 3½ – 5 year old child and the 5 – 6 year old child, the teacher has a different approach. Our expectations of children vary according to their ages and it is extremely important to provide a programme, which is suited to both their needs and abilities.

These are the building blocks upon which their futures depend with emphasis on emotional security: It is important to note that a child’s emotional intelligence is equally as important as his intellectual intelligence. If your child does not feel emotionally secure, it is unlikely that he will reach his/her full potential.

How do we nurture each child’s emotional needs?

Through building/maturing their:
  • Self-confidence – The child is self-assured, spontaneous, can handle unfamiliar situations, express his own opinion, can act in front of others, defend his point of view, has a good self-image and appears happy and relaxed.
  • Independence – The child works and acts independently, accepts responsibility, handles problem situations, makes decisions and shows initiative.
  • Self-control – The child shows will-power, accepts authority, is able to control feelings, is patient and forgiving, is self-disciplined, has a sense of humour and can concentrate for a reasonable period of time. The emotional/social development of a child is a fragile and intricate process.

Application & Information Forms

To apply at Valley Pre-Primary School, please download an application form here, then print, complete and email to

Valley Pre-Primary hosts an Open Day during the first quarter of every year, so please contact the school if you would like to receive an invitation to this Open Day. If you have already missed the Open Day, you may make an appointment to take a tour of the school at a time that suits you.

Please contact: Catherine on +27 (0)21 790 1540.