We offer a variety of exciting additional activities at Valley. Some take place during the school day, while others happen after-school.

Co-curricular activities:

Rainbow Gymnastix

Rainbow Gymnastix is an exciting Motor Development programme which is offered to all Learners. These lessons cover a wide range of activities, which include gross and fine motor skills, balance, body and spatial awareness, laterality, motor planning, crossing the midline and muscle tone. The strengthening of these areas of development, will improve postural control, cognitive function, listening skills and concentration.

The programme focusses on building on each child’s strength and supports areas in need of further development, through a variety of exciting, individual or group movement opportunities. The programme is structured in a way that will allow each child the opportunity to feel a sense of achievement, as they enhance their skills. Success in growing these areas will boost, confidence and build a positive self-esteem.


We use a muti-media approach through songs, stories, puppets and dance to expose the children to isiXhosa in an interactive, fun and exciting manner.

Tricky Fingers

This programme was designed by Occupational Therapist, Bunty McDougall and it helps children develop the muscles and movement required for pencil control, handwriting and scissor grip. This is achieved by providing exposure to specifically designed activities that promote the development of the required muscles and movement patterns. At Tricky Fingers we also work on posture, visual perceptual skills and sensory and motor integration. We incorporate Mathematics, Language, and life skills into each lesson. This all happens in a small group setting of not more than 8 learners.

Supporting co-curricular activities

We also offer support to children with barriers to learning. We have Word works and Language enrichment that focus on the development of Language. Learning support provides physical, social, emotional, and intellectual support intended to enable all pupils to have an equal opportunity for success at school by addressing barriers to learning and promoting engagement in learning and teaching.

Extra support offered at Valley through Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Language Enrichment

Play Therapy

Social Skills


Child Safety Programme

The Safety and good health of the children is very important to us and the safety programme has become an integral part of our curriculum. Hearing and sight screenings are offered and Health, Hygiene and Aids Awareness Programmes are also introduced. These are age-appropriate, non threatening and interactive child centered programmes.

The Safety aspects are introduced through discussion, pictures, art and puppet shows, and are reinforced, where possible, by practical experience.


Excursions provide the children with the opportunity of going on field trips and visiting local places of interest. These excursions are wonderful extensions of the weekly themes.


Visitors to school: It is always exciting for the children when we have visitors to Valley as this is an effective way of reinforcing the themes in our learning programme, i.e. the reptile show, bird/dog shows, puppeteers, story tellers, oral hygienist, photographer, magic shows and touch farm.


Extra Mural Activities

Play ball, experibuddies, dance Mouse, ballet, modern ballet, speech and drama, Play Ball, karate, tennis, cricket, rugby and soccer.